Monday, August 25, 2014

a little check in

Clearly I've fallen off the face of the earth! Thanks for stopping by these here parts. I have plans to come back when inspiration strikes! In the mean time I'll be renovating our new house (yup, the little brooklyn farm has moved to East Flatbush!)  and living life with a smile on my face. Happy day to all y'all! -Jenn

Friday, September 20, 2013

Back to school, ten year anniversary, five years old, Oh my!

Happy almost officially fall! I soaked up the last bits of summer with my loves,  being lazy in all the best ways we could find. How nice it was to have so few rules and time constraints for a time. As August came to a close however, we all needed just a little more routine, and thank goodness it was time to go back to school! Both of my littles were beyond excited. Zoie is just always excited to go to school. I think she would be happy if I told her she was going to be in school year round. Tristan is very different, but this year he is a kindergartener! He could hardly contain himself. To celebrate the start of a new year, I had to make them matching outfits as usual. Yes, "had to". It's a mama requirement to do that if you sew clothing for your littles. I will keep doing it until they threaten to disown me,  cause it is so damn cute! Tell me its not cute.... No, don't tell me that, cause I know it's cute, but if it's not, I choose to live in denial!

Now, kids are cute and all, but they don't just arrive magically by stork.... nor would my children be nearly as awesome, vibrant, curious, kind and wonderful, if not for my amazing husband. A man I am lucky and proud to have been married to for ten (holy hell!) years now!! By New York City standards, Chris and I got married really young. By those same standards, we had children really young (not to mention that as a dancer, "what are you thinking!" was a standard question I was asked) Some of the challenges we have faced as a couple and as parents have seemed large, and there were times I wondered if maybe we were 10 years older and had more life experience and more savings and...... Maybe it would be easier???  But I've never wavered in the knowledge of the love we have for each other, and I'm beyond proud and excited that we have hit our ten year anniversary mark. The road has been, and continues to be,  a busy one. But boy oh boy, it's a good road,  and I'm glad to be traveling on it with this man, and these littles. Lucky, lucky me!

 Oh, and now, drum roll please!!! I. Have. A. Five. Year. Old!!! FIVE!!! how the h-e-double hockey sticks did that happen!? He was baby just yesterday. Sigh, I guess that's what happens when you keep feeding them. They get older and bigger and even more awesome. This has been a very big year for my hot pink loving boy. 4 was not easy for him. He grew and grew and grew bigger and bigger, and he seemed to struggle sometimes with finding his place and his way. Don't we all sometimes, don't we all...  I see a great deal of settling and self awareness seeping into him in the last few months though, and I can't wait to see what wonderful new things he does this year. Happy Birthday to my sweet boy.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Things I'm good at (and some I'm not...) A rambling list (is anything I do not rambling...)

I'm good at red headed Coney Island playdates

Oh hi! I sort of got happily freaked out after that whole library hoo ha (can you say "hoo ha" in public... hmnmmmn....) and all the ensuing hoo ha it precipitated in the online community both good, bad, hilarious and otherwise. Yes, you must still refer to me as "Magical Urban Yoga Fairy".   In true Jenn fashion, I shall now ramble on at you and post pictures that make you think my life is perfect and shiny at all times. When I look at my pictures, and I take a lot of them..(ahem), I am tempted to believe my life is a perfect fairy tale too, so you're not alone. #1. My life is delicious and awesome #2. My life is not at all perfect. #3. Sometimes I wish it was perfect and I try really hard to make it so,  and I think I have some people fooled! (Is it wrong that I was sort of flattered that someone referred to me as "flaky and privileged" because somehow in my mind that means that I've got it easy, and that sounds so nice... Hmmmmm..... I've had a lot of thinking going on in the past 6 months about a lot a lot a lot of stuff. Funny how stress will do that to a person. I've come to a few random conclusions that make my world go round. Humor me and I'll list them off in no particular order.
1. Sometimes shit happens and you still have to get up and you still have to work hard and you still have to try to be happy for at least 5 minutes every day. Sometimes that is hard.
2. When things fall on the crappier side of life, you have to remember that you have friends and you have to remember that they are there to help and love you all the way back to the non shitty side of life.
3. My life is almost never very shitty
4. I have very very very wonderful friends
5. I want to make sure these friends know how very dearly I love them
6. I like green best, but I also really like pink and purple and yellow and orange and most all colors.
7. I almost always buy colored shoes. Brown and black do not excite me. I do like my black boots, but I'm still sorry I didn't buy lime green ones.
8. Zoie is the most empathetic person I know
9. Tristan gives the sweetest and loudest kisses to me and I'm really glad he's decided that kissing me on the mouth is again allowed.
10. I'm so so very glad that we have chosen to stay in this house, to put up a little library, to garden in the yard, to snuggle our chickens, and in particular, to share our home this summer with 2 good friends. You both enrich our daily life exponentially, and I know that my life and the lives of my children are the better to have you both in them

Oh, I was supposed to talk about things I'm good at and things I'm not.... I'm very good at coming up with beginning ideas, but sometimes I get stuck in the middle and drift away..... I'm good at stretching and sliding and sweeping in circles while I dance. I'm good at loving my children. I'm not so good at remembering the laundry when it's done and putting it in the dryer, but luckily I'm pretty good at loving someone who is. I'm good at making salty chocolate chip cookies. I'm good at connecting dots and people together. I'm good at being excited about simple things.  I'm not so good at hard and fast rules for myself or others. I'm good at going with the flow and seeing how each path could have it's own value.

Ok. I think that's enough rambling for the moment. What are you good at? What makes you happy? (Look below for a small smattering of what makes me happy) Who are you grateful for? I hope you are well, friends.
I'm good at loving these two

This girl is amazing

I've learned a great deal about love from Nancy

Some of the Best people I know

Very good at silly selfies